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This is the double Vox Supreme set up I used in the 70's, two cabs each loaded with four Celestion speakers and two high pressure horns. The guitar was a 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom which I bought brand new for £500. The picture was taken in 1971, can't remember where, but I know this equipment was a direct passport to my new hearing aids. Now, where are my new glasses then I can find the damn things?



After The Waysiders went their separate ways I plucked up the courage to reply to an advert in the Bolton Evening News under "Muscians Wanted", well I was only just 16. I rang the Little Hulton telephone number and a voice - Tom Casey said, "We'll pick you up in half an hour; which they did.


In an old Bedford van with sliding doors and an ice machine for a heater, it was winter time and colder in the van than out! Anyway, at the audition, I managed to pip a great guitarist from Leigh - who was miles better than me, for the job and I became an "Answer". The photo shows me doing my first Manchester club gig with The Answers at The College Theatre Club, Coupland Street, Ardwick in 1965.


Left to right are: Tom Casey (drums), Me (lead guitar, Burns Black Bison), Graham Wray (bass, Framus) and the late John Davies (guitar, Eko Florentine). We would go on from here to do the rest of Manchesters great clubs over a period of seven years, happy times.



The Answers playing Farnworth Monaco in 1966. Left to right are Graham Wray, Brian Gibbs, Tom Casey and the late John Davies.The Answers double wheelbase Ford Transit which was eventually bought by Winston who I believe wrote it off coming home from a gig.



The Answers second van, another Ford Thames 400E. Pictures taken July 1967, the one with Tom Casey sitting on top of the van at Broadgate, near Millom, Cumbria. The other two with me driving and a very strong work mate trying to stop me going for my dinner were take at Bolton Gate Company were I worked as an electrician.




Brian Gibbs: December 2016











The Hideout which was run by a tall fella' called Maurice and was in an upstairs room at The Stamford Arms in Altrincham.


I remember Maurice always used to get up on stage with us at some point and do his version of unchained melody, happy days.


This picture shows The Answers playing there circa 1968 and left to right are Dennis Shuttleworth using an Epiphone bass through a 2 x 18 Vox Foundation set-up), Brian Gibbs with a Fender Telecaster through a Vox Supreme 4 x 12 plus 2 high pressure horns set-up), Tom Casey on his Ludwig Classic Kit and John Davies with a Farfisa organ through a Vox Supreme 4 x 12 plus 2 high pressure horns set-up.

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